Oaksong Music Society

Board Member and volunteer for The Oaksong Music Society for Preservation of Way Cool Music. We were a non-profit 501c-3 and a member of the The Folk Alliance International.

For 6 years I was part of a fantastic group of volunteers bringing an array of Way Cool Music to the north state of California with the mission of building a strong community through music.  From marketing, design, and public relations to set up, clean up and enjoying a variety of live music, I was passionate about this cause.

As part of the mission to build a strong community, we created a sub-committee working to inspire, support and encourage kids through music to bring out the artist within, in order to nurture compassion, self-awareness and confidence. The Way Cool Music Education Foundation partnered with middle schools that had limited musical resources. We brought artists to schools, introducing a range of workshops working on various skills including but not limited to: song-writing, singing, harmonizing, stage presence, etc.

After twenty years, the group closed up shop. What a fabulous run for a team of volunteers!

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